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Have you been wanting to improve your skills and learn how to speak French?

Here is the approach we recommend that will maximise your progress and competency on your way to becoming fluent in French. Optimised French courses we offer are carefully and meticulously designed to propel you towards a fluency in French. Along the way, you will learn all the components necessary for mastering the French language – be it the pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar.

Focusing on Pronunciation


Enriching your Vocabulary


Master Grammar


Focusing on Pronunciation

Mastering pronunciation is essential if you want to master the French language. While you study French, learning how to pronounce French sounds needs a good understanding of specificities and the knowledge on how to use them. This can be achieved with tailored learning that promotes regular practice through fun and diverse activities. This holistic approach requires the use of a wide array of techniques:

  • Pronunciation exercises to get you familiar with the sound and melody of the language .(intonation, rhythm, accentuation, etc.)
  • Auditory discrimination activities during which you can practice differentiating related terms.
  • Reading authentic, native texts to implement theoretical knowledge.
  • Games that allow you to practice whilst having fun, all without the pressure of making mistakes.

Our French lessons, by adopting this holistic approach, will allow you to practice and perfect your pronunciation whilst having fun – thus putting you at ease during your future conversations with French speakers.

Enriching your Vocabulary

Simply put, all languages regardless of how simple or complex they may be, are made up of individual words. A solid foundation of learning these words is vital to be able to communicate with others who speak this language. That is why learning French vocabulary is crucial. Although it may be perceived as repetitive and off-putting by many, our strategies optimises vocabulary learning in way that you will find is simple and enjoyable.
Indeed, if research on linguistics points to a minimum number of words being necessary to be able to express yourself properly in a language, it is possible to use personal word lists in order to learn only the vocabulary most suited to your objectives. Hence, a person wishing to learn French to travel to a French-speaking country in the next 6 months, and a person wishing to learn French in order to communicate with colleagues in a French company will have an interest in learning adapted vocabulary lists suited to their own needs. This practical choice will not only allow them to use their theoretical knowledge more fluently during conversations, but also make it easier to grasp the usefulness of what they are learning.

Master Grammar

Learning grammar is one of the most important steps towards a correct and fluent use of French. If the words are considered to be the base of any language, then the grammar is what makes it possible to know how to connect those words properly. You will find a lot of French grammar rules very simple and intuitive, primarily due to their similarity with many other languages. However, some rules are there which can come across as sophisticated and confusing. These complexities can make learning French for beginners very challenging. These rules call for an adapted and strategic learning program – something that we provide – so that you, the learner, can have the best possible understanding with minimum confusion.
In order to support you in achieving this objective, The French Learning Institute’s courses include a systematic and in-depth studies on specific grammatical points. This work is carried out by our teachers with the aid of authentic documents that allow learners to approach a practical implementation, whilst also understanding the cultural elements and nuances of the language. In this process, you will also find methodically integrated exercises that allows you to rationalise these techniques and rules for use in written as well as oral situations. All our training courses incorporate these principles by favouring interaction and extracting the full potential of learning French online.

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Accelerated Learning

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