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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-20T04:08:44+11:00
Are your programs only for adults?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

Yes. Whether you’re learning the French language for the first time or at an intermediate level, we offer flexible high-standard Online French classes learning experiences for adults, delivered by friendly and professional certified French native teachers. Our students love to learn with us for our convenience, but first and foremost because we’re fun to learn with! We do offer online French tuition for HSC and IB senior school students with flexibility to design lessons according to your specific needs.

Can I have a free trial lesson?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

No, we do not offer free trial lessons. We offer high-quality lessons on a results-based model. We stand by our French courses 100% which means if you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 30 days of your course, simply ask us for a refund and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

We do offer an in-house certification upon request. If you wish to pass the DELF or the DELF, we can help you to prepare for those exams with a specific private tuition course. Please contact us for more information.

Do I need a webcam for the lessons?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

Yes, as we typically use a webcam. It helps the student to understand better by seeing the teacher speak. In addition, with the webcam on, we are able to share the screen and bring you to different documents, videos and websites.

For a Private Tuition lesson, can I schedule less than the minimum duration per session?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

We prefer not to. We think that to get the most of your learning when you are in a 1to1 class, 1h30 is the minimum time to cover content and have reasonable time to practice.

For private lessons, can I cancel my pack before it finishes?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

Once you buy a pack you can not cancel it. If you decide to stop your pack at any point of your lesson there is no postponement and no refund offered.

For private lessons, can I choose my teacher?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

We usually appoint a teacher who will be most suitable to help you reach your objectives and according to your availability to take the lesson. All of the courses are coming with a 30 days money back guarantee to give you a peace of mind.

For private lessons, can I have a different time for the sessions from one week to another one?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

we try to have the same time for the length of your pack. If we know ahead of time that you need different times each week we will do our best to accommodate. For Private group class, once we agree on a day and a time for your class you cannot change the time of your sessions.

How can I renew for more lessons?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

You can book a new pack of lessons directly on the website.

How do I connect to my Zoom class?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

Click on this link Here, we take you step by step on how you can download Zoom.

How many people in the world are speaking French?2021-09-02T17:37:47+10:00

To learn French means to communicate with over 276 millions of fluent speakers worldwide. This beautiful historic language is Europe’s second most widely-spoken mother tongue, and serves as the base of other romance languages including Spanish, Romanian, Italian and Portuguese. French is also the official language for 29 counties which account for at least 20% of the world trade goods.

How often should I attend classes?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

For private classes, we recommend taking at least one lesson per week for 3 months. If you want to get results, what pays off is consistent effort. We believe that learning a new language is all about mindset, teamwork and having fun along the way! We provide 50% of the work thanks to our professional and supportive French native teachers and we look for a team member as committed and focused* as we are to get the best of your French learning experience.

How soon can I speak French?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

This is the ultimate question! And it ultimately depends on you and how much work, time, effort and energy you are willing to put into your French learning. With The French Learning Institute’s Accelerated French Learning program, we can help you to fast track your French learning and to get from a beginners level to an intermediate (B1) from six months to one year depending on how many hours per week you can commit to, your learning pace and personal work you are ready to invest in your French learning. If you wish to join this program you look at a minimum of 3 hours per week of private lessons and a minimum of 3 hours per week of personal work. From experience we see key ingredients to help you to succeed in speaking French: Setting clear goals: from experience we see that students who have a clear vision of which level they want to reach and when help them to learn faster. Having the right mindset plays a big part in the process of learning a new language as this can be challenging at times.

Being consistent: every week establish a routine around your French learning.
Having fun: we believe that putting effort in your French learning doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring. Enjoying the learning process is an important part of your learning experience!

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Is learning French online an effective way to learn a new language?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

All French online courses are catered to your learning needs and requirements and inspired by our original learning experiences. Choose from a range of Zoom classes for 5-10 people, online accelerated learning programs as well as private one-on-one tuition.

Is the price of the resources included in the price of my course?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

If you need textbooks for your French learning, their prices come at the top of your investment for your pack.

Outside of the lessons, do you have any useful tips on learning French?2021-08-13T12:43:01+10:00

Yes – please read our blog:

What course do you recommend? A private class or a group class?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

It really depends on you and your learning style. Typically, private French classes are ideal for busy and active professionals eager to learn and quickly improve their French speaking. Group classes are ideal if you wish to brush up your French before a trip to France.

What if I need to change the time of my private lesson?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

For a 6-hour pack, you can change up to 1 session per pack if you give at least 24 hours notice and your pack needs to be done within a maximum of 5 weeks in a row from the time you sign up. If we get less than 24 hours notice your lesson will be fully charged. For a 12-hour pack, you can change up to 2 sessions per pack if you give at least 24 hours notice and your pack needs to be done within a maximum of 10 weeks in a row from the time you sign up. If we get less than 24 hours notice your lesson will be fully charged. For a 18-hour pack, you can change up to 2 sessions per pack if you give at least 24 hours notice and your pack needs to be done within a maximum of 12 weeks in a row from the time you sign up. If we get less than 24 hours notice your lesson will be fully charged.

What is the background of the teachers? Can I see their resumes?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

The profiles of some teachers are available here. Please note that at The French Learning Institute we work with officially registered freelance teachers and we respect the privacy of those who don’t wish to be listed. We only collaborate with certified teachers who understand what language learning is like as an adult. All our teachers are passionate about what they do which translates to a high degree of satisfaction from our students.

What type of resources will I study with?2021-12-10T08:37:45+11:00

Most of our classes study with l’Atelier A1, A2 or B1. A few classes still study with Edito A2 or Edito B1. Textbooks needed will be specified in the section ” Overview” of the class of your choice.

For your classes, you need to purchase 2 textbooks, the main textbooks + the activity book.

Where do my online lessons take place?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

Your online lessons take place on Zoom for both group classes and private tuition courses.

Where to buy textbooks required?2021-08-13T12:42:33+10:00

We suggest 3 online stores to buy your resources. Abbey’s bookshop in Sydney, Language International Bookshop in Melbourne or Amazon.

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