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Group Landing for Beginners2022-03-25T08:42:11+11:00


Group Learning for beginners

A perfect start in your French journey.


Join our small, fun and interactive class taught online via Zoom.

Limited to a maximum of 5-10 students, your group class is small and intimate!

This means that your group class is small enough that you get an optimal amount of individual speaking time and personal support from your teacher each session while large enough to be social and to make games and activities fun and interactive!

Find your perfect class from the list below.

Choose the best online French classes for you



You have never learnt French before or you did a long time ago and you can’t remember much of it. Or, you have some basics and need a refresher. Get started and sign up now for our A1 classes!


Advanced Beginner

You have accumulated a certain amount of vocabulary and you are starting to have a full grasp on the spectrum of French tenses. Your commitment to learn French really starts to pay off!



You feel fairly confident using all major tenses. You have the grammatical framework necessary to talk about a variety of topics, but you still make some mistakes. You need to tighten up the loose ends.

French courses from Beginners to advanced

Learn French from A1 to C2 CECR levels

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We’re trusted because we care.
We’re #1 because we deliver.

Students love us because we provide a convenient and authentic experience that leads to fluency.

How It Works

Choose Your Level

Choose your level Beginner (A1), Advance Beginner (A2) or Intermediate (B1)

Choose Your Course

Choose the day which suits you best

Join the Class

A Zoom link will be sent to you 24 hours before the start of the course.

Our Team

You will learn from the best, a team of French native professionals Teachers!
All our teachers are fully qualified to teach French as a foreign language and have years of experience in teaching French.
Most of our teachers are based in France! So enjoy French lessons from the comfort of your home with a weekly taste of France.

We’re here to help

What type of resources will I study with?2021-12-10T08:39:43+11:00

Most of our classes study with l’Atelier A1, A2 or B1. A few classes still study with Edito A2 or Edito B1. Textbooks needed will be specified in the section ” Overview” of the class of your choice.

For your classes, you need to purchase 2 textbooks, the main textbooks + the activity book.

Is the price of the resources included in the price of the pack?2021-08-09T22:56:21+10:00

If you need textbooks for your French learning, their prices come at the top of your investment for your pack.

Where to buy textbooks required?2021-08-09T22:56:22+10:00

We suggest 3 online stores to buy your resources. Abbey’s bookshop in Sydney, Language International Bookshop in Melbourne or Amazon.

How do I connect to my Zoom class?2021-09-09T15:54:30+10:00

Click on this link Here, we take you step by step on how you can download Zoom

If I am absent, can I get a catch up session?2021-12-15T10:53:29+11:00

Yes you can. If you know you’re going to miss a class, please let us know as far in advance as possible so we can provide you with the best options for making it up. In any case your teacher will send you via email what your group has covered during the class you missed. In addition, if you feel the need, you can book half an hour or one hour of private catch up session to cover what the group class covers in 1hr 30. Private catch up sessions are $38 for half an hour. If you wish to book a time send us an email at and we will arrange a time which suits both you and your teacher. 

Get in touch with our student support team for any questions or needs you have.

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Client’s Testimonials

This may be the best school to learn French in Sydney! Before joining this school I attended 2 other schools in Sydney and this was by far more structured, consistent in quality and effective. I started as a beginner and was able to achieve basic conversation skills that I will use when I travel to France. The teachers are all very professional and will work hard to get you results. I would absolutely recommend this school as my first choice for learning french in Sydney and feel it is very good value for money

Luisa Olmo, Client’s Testimonials
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