Want to know what to expect?

At The French Learning Institute, we pride ourselves in helping you speaking French from Day 1!

Our classes focus on interactions, while still following a thorough grammar curriculum. Helping you to practice your French is very important to us as we truly believe that practicing is it the way to learn a new language!

Learning French at The French Learning Institute means…


A Thorough & Structured Curriculum: The CEFR

This framework is recognised world-wide, especially for the French language teaching: it doesn’t matter if you learn French in Asia, America or in France itself, all the qualified teachers and schools will use the CEFR to create appropriate lessons and homework as well as an evaluation scale.


Having Fun!

Whether you decide to join a small group class or private tuition, your class focus on interactions, while still following a thorough grammar curriculum. Our teaching style combines language and culture making your classes simultaneously fun, helpful and engaging, creating a perfect environment for you to develop your speaking skills.


Learning French with a class taught in French

Because you want to learn to speak French and not English!

Whatever the program you choose for your benefit your class would be taught mostly in French. When teaching a complicated point of grammar, your teacher will revert back to English – we think one layer of difficulty is enough.


Learning French with a professional French native teacher

At the French Learning Institute we pride ourselves on our high standard French courses delivered by friendly and professional French native teachers.


Joining our community!

We think that we are more than a school helping you to speak French. By learning French with us, you join a community of fellow students and teachers passionate about all things French. Also:

  • Our group classes are a good place to meet and chat with fellow students
  • Our meetup is great to practice your French in a fun and relaxed environment
  • Our Immersion Tours take you to the best part of France to practice your French in “real life” whilst you discover and experience its amazing food and wine

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Client’s Testimonials

I started private tuition which has been incredibly helpful, since the programme is tailored to my level and interests. I would highly recommend this pathway for anyone looking to specialise in one area or speed up their learning experience.

Selina Lin