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February 2021

Les Crêpes

Chandeleur is a Christian religious holiday celebrated on February 2. The holiday is now associated with "crepes day". This tradition's origin is attributed to Pope Gelasius I, who offered crepes to pilgrims entering Rome. The crepes are made from dough with flour, eggs and milk (however, it is possible to replace milk with water or beer). Cooked on both sides with a crepe maker or pan, it is most often round in shape. There are many ways to eat crepes: hot or cold, salty or sweet with or without toppings; crepes leave much room for creativity. The tradition is to [...]

22 February 2021|Categories: French Recipes|

Chateau For Sale in France

France has more than 30,000 castles in its territory. These castles and their secrets are witness to the country's history. In the collective imagination, they belong to a distant world, the inaccessible world of chatelain's life. But is this chatelain’s life as inaccessible as it is reputed to be? Nothing is less certain. In reality, these monuments of the past, with their always fascinating, sometimes unusual stories are often much more affordable than one might have imagined. Has life in a castle always inspired your dreams? Or perhaps you wonder whether it is really possible to buy a chateau in [...]

19 February 2021|Categories: France, Travel|
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